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Customers about Detox Delight.

The following statements describe individual results and are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

Laura's Success Story (by Laura Natsheh)

"I wasn't sure about doing a detox in the beginning. The main reason for that is my lack of self discipline. My thought process went somehow like this: I will pay over 2500 AED and will fail in the first evening of my detox. This happened over and over again. Except, I have never tried a professional program before. 

I've been always a chubby child. There was always more beige colored food in our home than green vegetables. Bread, sweet rolls, potatoes and buttery sauce were everyday expressions of love in our family. No wonder I ended up having no clue what a healthy and nutritious diet looks like. I realized how wrong my eating habits are only in late 20s!

I knew a lot about healthy eating. The only problem was consistency. I could not make myself stick to a healthy plan longer than 3 days. I wasn't being consistent. 

Universe, probably, got tired from my whining and sent me an unexpected gift on my big 3-0. DETOX DELIGHT! I took it as a sign and told myself that 7 days is not much. I can do it, and I will do it. Just to see what happens. 

Now that I am done with 7 days cleanse with Detox Delight, I can only wonder what was wrong with me? Why haven't I done this before? It was a week of pure indulgence, not hard work as I anticipated. Detox Delight should be on a wishlist of anybody who is in a bad mood and doesn't know how to fix that. Not having to think about shopping, preparing healthy meals, counting calories and cleaning afterwards... This creates space to re-evaluate food-mind-body connection. 

I got rid of fatigue and sluggishness, but this was what I expected. I also expected to lose weight. Which happened. I've went from 76 to 72 kg*. What I really did not expect from a detox was a clarity of mind that is astonishing! It became so much easier to see what I want from life. Our body's intuition is wonderful, our bodies know what's best for us. I've been drowning my intuition in pasta and cookies, unfortunately. Seven days of nutritious vegan meals and soups, tasty juices and satisfying nut milks gave me a break. Allowed me to stop and listen to what my body truly needs. *Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

Biggest surprise yet is that my weight is coming off although detox is over! I have motivation and hope back. These are most beautiful gifts that I've received from Detox Delight."

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High-Society reporter Martina Taubert on „The World of the Super Rich“ The status symbol of being slim and her experience with Detox Delight: „(...) The whole thing is of course much more delicious than just fasting. The effect is the same. (…) I really have to say Detox Delight is a luxury. I would never manage to be so self-disciplined to make these juices myself and to fill them into bottles, which is theoretically possible – nor could I ever make a soup every day. I would never have the time to buy all the ingredients. And I was travelling while I was doing the detox. It was unbelievable; Detox Delight had juices and soups sent to me in my hotels, with a cool bag, so that while I was carrying out my crazy job, I could carry on with my detox. A service which is not only available for high-society reporters, but for everyone.“ 

„I have to confess I was a little skeptical at the beginning. I had already tried all there was in detox and diets – more or less without success – and was therefore quite frustrated. I had even tried curative fasting, but I couldn't quite get to grips with it, especially with my stressful job. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the Detox Delight 100% Juice program. The juices are not only light and flavorful; I had absolutely no hunger pangs. I even completed the 5 days without the need to resort to the Detox Delight snack tips and was still able to continue my job as normal, no problem at all. I am also very satisfied with the results: I feel really refreshed and lost 3 kg (6-7lbs) in that short time. And my skin looks more radiant and clear.“ *Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

"The detox program has had a fantastic effect on me. After up to now 9 of the 12 days of the Weight-loss Botanical Cuisine Detox I have the feeling that I don't want to eat anything else any more. I can really feel the good it is doing my body not just stuffing any old food into me. I have so much more energy and power and I now intend to be more conscious of what I eat in future and to maintain this fantastic feeling as long as possible. Apart from all that I have now lost 4 kg (8-9lbs). I'd like to make it to 5kg, but I should have achieved that in the next 3 days.“ *Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

„The beautiful packaging, and pretty bottles in different colors, the lovingly packaged and inscribed boosters, the refined menu cards alone were a pure pleasure to behold, but the tastebuds also got their fair share of enjoyment. I really enjoyed the 5 days 100% Juice as I always had the feeling I was spoiling myself and doing something particularly wonderful and good, just for me.“

„My husband and I did the detox week together and managed to get through the whole week – and without any need for „emergency rations“. I did Botanical Cuisine, and my husband did 100% Juice. My menus were delicious and generous. Despite that I was 2 kg (4-5lbs) lighter after the 5 days – exactly the weight I have never managed to lose. My husband was very good and only drank his juices, without being „unfaithful“ to his regime, and it wasn't even hard for him. He lost a whole 4 kg (8-9lbs) and is having to have his suits taken in. Once we had finished our detox, some of our clients even mentioned to us that we looked so rested and relaxed. The proof for us is that we not only feel great, you can actually see the results. Since then we have completely changed our way of eating. We now eat a lot of raw food, vegetables and fish. We somehow don't feel the need any more for meat, pasta, bread, sweet things or alcohol. The cravings for all that have simply gone!“ *Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

„After the first day of 100% Juice Detox I thought I would have to give up, but then things got better. You do forget that there is „food“. I am sure I will do it again!“

„I was really thrilled by my first 19-day Detox Delight Program. In that time I only ate the Botanical Cuisine menus, I felt great and the weight I achieved I have managed to keep. My deliveries were always on time and the menus just to die for! I think too that the menus are good value, or better still they are worth every cent! I am looked after fantastically every day and I have everything I need (incl. food supplements) and the quality is good too. And everything is prepared so I don't have to do a thing. I arrive at work in the morning and my little bag is already waiting for me. The first thing I do is take the menu for the day and begin! I have decided to do the Weight-loss Detox for another 3 weeks. At the weekends this time I will order a double amount of the delicious detox juices, as last time my husband tried to get his hands on them. So this way he can have his own. As far as my weight is concerned, I still have a long way to go, as over the years I have put on quite a bit. But, thanks to Detox Delight, I finally have the feeling that I have found the way out of the downwards spiral.“ *Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

"The Botanical Cuisine" dishes were extraordinarily tasty and my Rejuvenation Detox just flew by – without feeling hungry at all, fantastic! The delivery service worked out just fine, too. My package arrived on time every day. And the best thing is that I now have my lowest weight for 20 years and my skin is great – roll on the wedding.“ *Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.


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