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  • Summer Special

    Total Body Reset

    Your Dream Body in 2017

    Achieving your dream weight is by no means as difficult as you think. With our Total Body Reset program, you can achieve your body goals in just 20 days.

    Total Body Reset contains:
    Detox phase:
    • 5 days Juice Delight
    • 3 days Super Green Delight
    With 8 consequent liquid detox days, you flood your body with a lot of valuable vitamins, antioxidants and plant enzymes from daily up to 12 kilos of the best fruits and vegetables. The aim of this intensive phase is to relieve digestion, to activate the metabolism and to balance the acid-base balance. This is important as this is the foundation for your body transformation, because only an alkaline organism allows for an optimal food utilization and fat burning.

    Build-up phase:
    • 6 days Juice & Soup Delight
    The combination of four enzyme and vitamin-rich cold-pressed juices and a hearty vegan soup is ideal to achieve the effects of an intensive cleanse and at the same time not have the feeling of having to forgo a long-term diet. Due to the still high liquid content, your body requires less energy for the digestion process, that it can focus totally on repair mechanisms and cell regeneration.

    Stabilization phase:
    • 5 days Eat Clean Delight
    In this phase, your body becomes accustomed to solid food. At the same time, a low-calorie, natural diet, with optimal nutrient supply, helps to stabilize the weight loss gained in phase 1 and 2 and to lose further pounds. So the yo-yo effect has no chance. With our tasty Eat Clean Delight menus you can achieve all of this without feeling hungry. You can look forward to 3 tasty vegan meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and 2 cold-pressed fruit & vegetable juices.

    Metabolism Booster Beauty Package
    • 1 Tea Delight Detox Tea (80 g): The homemade tea composition provides a metabolic boost.
    • 1 Detox Delight Ginger Essence (500 ml): This highly concentrated ginger essence has to be mixed with tea or hot water and boosts fat burning.
    • 6 Beauty Shots: Selected beautifier superfoods supply the body in 6 shots (60 ml each) with extra nutrients for a radiant new you.

    + Lots of tips and recipes for your dietary change