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    Eat Lean Delight

    More superfoods, even less calories

    Delicious (C)Lean Eating menus for the whole week with extra low calories - medium cleanse level ++

    Clean eating lovers do not have to have a long breath on the way to the summer body, because with EAT LEAN DELIGHT, sustainable customer success can be achieved within a very short time. To make this happen the dieticians at DETOX DELIGHT have developed an even lighter version of their popular EAT CLEAN DELIGHT food program, which has been properly saved with calories, without turning on the nutrient screw.

    • Ultra freshly produced on pre-order, consume within 3-4 days of delivery
    • Daily changing, varied menus (10 different meal days in a row)
    • Only about 800 - 1,000 calories per day
    • Multiple deliveries for optimal freshness (3-day cleanse: 1 delivery, 5-day cleanse: 2 deliveries)

    Pure Veggie Juice (cold pressed)

    Please get in touch with us to clarify allergies and a possible food intolerance BEFORE you place the order.

    Products must be stored chilled (between + 2 ° C and + 8 ° C) after receiving.