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We are super happy to announce our exclusive partnership with newly launched luxury Fitness Concept MONTENAPOLEONE FITNESS. Combining a customized fitness concept with our clean eating menus will give you the best results possible and a start to a new you!!!!  



Exercise • Eat healthy • Feel good • Be unique


Discover the perfect match between glamour and fitness. From the catwalk to your home, our fitness plan is directly inspired from the workouts and meal plans of the most famous model and beautiful women around the world. A lean but toned body to enhance your femininity and to help you being the best version of yourself. Get the heavenly figure that you want by starting a new healthy lifestyle with us.


• Five one to one training sessions per week.
Never get bored and enjoy a different workout every day from the comfort of your home!
The weekly scheme is studied according to your goals and consists of various kind of activities and exercises: each one of our trainers is specialized in a different discipline to get the best out of your workouts.
From Kick Boxing and functional training to yoga and Pilates, the weekly scheme is studied specifically to workout every muscle group and at the same time to pay attention not to overtrain. All your body will benefit from it and moreover it will also help you not to get bored and to keep your motivation up. Enjoy a different workout every day with a different trainer!

• Five days per week customized DETOX DELIGHT meal package.
All our meals are nutritionally balanced and have been studied with expert nutritionists. This service is provided thanks to our collaboration with external supplier.

• Special Treatments
Fitness and Nutrition are essential in order to achieve your dream body, but there are also some specific treatments that can give you an extra help! Therefore our package includes also:
– 1 massage per week;
– 2 Cryotherapy session;
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PRICES: to know more about our prices and offers, write to or call +971 56 265 7808