Detox Delight - Berry Juice and berries

Friends recruit friends.

Have you already enjoyed a Detox Delight program or a flexible package (FlexPack) and are enthusiastic to share your experience? Then recommend us to your family and friends and collect free deliveries from us as a thank you. In this way, you will have quickly collected your next Detox Delight program. 

It's so easy:

Just e-mail us the full name(s) of your „Detox Friend(s)“ to and ask them, to state you as their reference when they order.

As soon as we receive a booking from a new client for an at least 5-day program under one of these names, we will grant you a symbolic amount of two bottles of Detox juice. When you have collected six bottles, we will grant you 1 Detox Delight day free of charge. You can then either enjoy that day individually in between times or keep your days and add them to your next detox program.


E-mail to: