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Always in Good Hands.

Special medical-therapeutic treatments and carefully selected spa treatments can intensify the effect of our detox programs and reduce possible side effects. A healthy amount of the right physical activity during your detox treatment - ideally under professional instruction - is also recommendable. In order to provide you with such support, we cooperate with experienced and perfectly qualified partners who have the same high standards regarding service, quality and atmosphere as we do. So you'll be in good hands during your entire detox treatment.

Our exclusive partners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Detox Delight exclusively cooperates with qualified and experienced partners, who value service, quality and ambience as high as we do. That's how we make sure your are in the best hands during your Detox treatment.

GREENHEART ORGANIC FARMSAll our organic ingredients are from Greeneheart Organic Farms. They supply totally fresh and high quality organic fruits and vegetables.

Some words from Elena (Co-Founder): Azzam and I have always been passionate about growing genuine organic produce in the UAE. The farms we manage have been carefully selected. Soil (or rather sand) and water samples were key factors. The existence of a health and sizable livestock also played an important role. The farms are located in the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. We sell all our freshly harvested produce directly to our local community and business partners, cutting out 3rd party traders, which enables us to reinvest to maintain the quality of our produce and ensures maximum nutritional content. Non of our crops are stored for longer than a few hours. 

Furthermore we pride ourselves in growing old-fashioned varieties in our own farm-made, nutrient-rich soil resulting in the most delicious produce available. Our expanding selection currently includes more than 40 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruit.

Every aspect of our operation aims to be in harmony with nature, from water conservation, environmentally friendly packaging & materials, to re-cycling and energy efficiency. All of these aspects contribute to Greenheart being genuinely ‘green at heart’. 
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Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah – A true oasis of rejuvenation is offering the perfect spa treatments supplementing your detox treatment.

A unique destination combined with luxurious spa experiences amidst the tranquil waterways and tropical landscapes of Madinat Jumeirah. All treatments at Madinat Jumeirah Talise Spa in Dubai are personalised to cater to your individual needs, transforming the mind, body and soul on your journey to self discovery.

Relax in any of the relaxation areas or experience the infra-red sauna, steam rooms and plunge pools. The award-winning Talise Spa in Madinat Jumeirah also features a communal swimming pool which serves a variety of health conscious spa cuisine. 

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DNA Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness Center:
Heralding the dawn of a new era of personalized healthcare, DNAs global flagship integrative medicine and wellness center on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island has been established with the ethos of transforming the current health paradigm from solely treating illness to an integrative 21st century model of preventive care, wellness and healthy aging. DNAs personalized lifestyle medicine programs are based on a holistic approach uniting leading-edge Western medicine advanced diagnostics and clinical therapies, complemented by centuries-old Eastern healing traditions and philosophies.This integrative and functional medicine approach focuses on treating the person as a whole - combining mind, body and spirit - rather than solely treating separate symptoms.
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Anahata Wellness Spa is the first holistic wellness retreat in Abu Dhabi.  The spa unlocks the secrets of timeless beauty and true sense of wellbeing, seeking effective methods of staying beautiful and healthy through natural means.  It is inspired from the time trusted concept of Seven Chakras propounded by the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.  Anahata has pioneered many programs that are unique and time-tested such as the Seven Chakra Gems Massage and a range of color therapy treatments as well as traditional Thai and Indian therapies.  The spa offers the benefits of these time-trusted therapies, evolving them to suit the pace of contemporary lifestyles. 
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Noviplus is a lifestyle membership that makes healthy living more affordable and accessible across Dubai. Their healthy network boasts an impressive line-up of over 100 top-quality health, fitness and wellness brands with whom you can stay healthy for less with all year round (including Detox Delight of course!)! Download the Noviplus App today and try it for yourself, it’s one of the best investments you will make. #LiveHealthy 

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Point Zero is one of the leading providers of wellness services in the United Arab Emirates. With its signature range of modern and traditional therapies, it offers tailored lifestyle solutions that help to alleviate the stresses of everyday living and create a relaxing, private, and friendly atmosphere for corporate and public clients to unwind. Offering Floatation, Ayurveda and Body Works therapies from the ambiance and serenity of a HAAD registered spa in Abu Dhabi, and a new Floatation Centre in Dubai’s Financial District, Point Zero combines over a decade’s experience in relaxation, recuperation, and rehabilitation, with the very latest in restrictive environmental stimulation therapy (REST).  

Point Zero appeals across the board to health enthusiasts, business leaders, athletes, and orthopaedic patients alike. It also harnesses the benefits of tried and tested practices to offer reduced blood pressure, faster muscle healing, heightened immune systems, and increased creative-side brain activity. The introduction of its all-new ‘Spa Bike’ means Point Zero can now also help clients reduce weight, combined with stress and pain relief, and overall cardiovascular health.

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THE BODY COMPANY is a young and dynamic Fitness company, which wins the hearts of customers in the UAE by providing professional Personal Training with a  modern fitness technology.
EMS - Electric Muscle Stimulation is a beauty and sports technology made in Germany and leverages the effect of your workout to another level! The new fitness concept presents a revolutionary way to get fit and healthy in a short amount of time. During a short 20-minute workout it is possible to train the full musculature as 90% of all body’s muscle fibers are engaged in the training.

THE BODY COMPANY is German all over. Our trainers are qualified, educated, well spoken, polite, friendly and – most important – motivated sportsmen! Our experience in catering to the most discerning and sophisticated clients is appreciated by our customers and premium partners.
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BALANCED GURU: Enhancing your Yoga Sessions and bringing Organic Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit. A full line of natural beauty products and energy mists.

BEAUTIFUL BRANDS: A regional distributor of fashionable, innovative, unique, revolutionary, stylish and naturally inspired beauty brands. 

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Dubai based boutique wedding and event design/planning agency. Long Live Love!
Carousel started 6 years ago as a corporate event planning practice, designing and executing some amazing events, the most memorable one being the launch of the Trump Tower project in the Palm Jumeirah, an event hosted by Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka. One year later, through sheer demand, Carousel shifted its focus to weddings, and over the next 5 years, has proudly created some of the most stunning weddings in the UAE. With success comes the luxury of being truly selective, and the ability to attract and partner with the best product and service providers available, and Carousel has done just that. 
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TUPELO LIFE provides comprehensive corporate wellness programs, step challenges, and active school programs using the mymo fitness tracker. The expert team at Tupelo is hands on in designing and implementing programs where students and employees learn to love a healthy and active life. Through their hand crafted wellness programs, participants can take steps to a healthier life by earning rewards in step challenges by getting active with their mymo fitness tracker. They are also able to participate in on-site workouts, wellness workshops, and hands on-cooking experiences. The people at Tupelo Life are passionate about building holistic wellness programs, based on the unique needs of each organization, that results in fitter, healthier, and happier people.

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B LIFESTYLE CONSULTANCY Bernadette Abraham is a sought-after fitness and nutrition expert, Adidas ambassador and mother of four, dedicated to helping others live healthier and more active lives.

Her company B Lifestyle Consultancy specializes in high-end personal training services, nutrition and lifestyle consultations, and corporate wellness, and is spearheading an upright movement across the region with Focal Upright Furniture.
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The Fit Mom .. Where we bring the Gym to you
The Fit Mom provides unique training experience, it combines fitness and technology by using intelligent systems to track your progress and ensure that you achieve your target. The Fit Mom helps you to adapt your lifestyle and shape your daily life with new interesting exercises and training sessions that come to you at your private location of choice.
Our programs and packages are designed to target every woman during her different life stages. Moms who are trying to juggle schedule have a hard time to exercise, The Fit Mom is a great option for busy moms and wives. Our professional trainers can offer you Zomba classes, Aerobics, Pilates and Core Strengthening and personal training with free nutrition.
Get inspired and know fitness secrets by contacting us at +971 2 4957015, M: +971 56 4418036
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