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DECEMBER 2016: Get 2 Detox Days FOR FREE

Get 2 detox days for free with our 7 FOR 5 OFFER* 
for the whole month of December

Enjoy the best Detox treatments in Dubai during the Holiday Season and SAVE!

Want to get the most out of your detox? Get rid of all the toxins and start glowing - and as a nice side effect fit perfectly into your holiday outfit?

For the whole month of December you can enjoy 2 free detox days with every 5 days purchased!!

Booking process: Go to our online shop, select your 5 day cleanse and type "VIP" in the comment section to receive your extra 2 days.

Please feel free to call us at 04-338 3565 and we are more than happy to answer all your questions and help you customize your cleanse.

DECEMBER 2016: 20% off Everything

Happy 45th UAE National Day!

ENJOY 20% OFF ALL ONLINE ORDERS and on ALL PRODUCTS during National Day weekend with the discount code: "UAE"


Healthier Lifestyle delivered to you!

No matter if you are starting a multi-day cleanse with us as the first step on your way to a healthier life or if you want to replace individual meals with juices from our JUICEBOXES: We help you become more aware of healthy dietary choices, break free from old habits and build your own personal healthy lifestyle – as a means of becoming fitter, more active and more energetic.

We smooth your way to a healthier life – simple, convenient and made from the very best ingredients. Lovingly prepared fresh each day by hand.

Discover our unique products:

Detox Cleanses
Vegan Food options from delicious breakfasts, lunches and amazing dinners
Beauty Shots
Hearty Soups (the best in town)
6 different healthy Snacks
Superfood Protein Bars
Vegan Cheesecakes
Detox Foot Pads
Made by Fressko flasks

Go to our website to find out more about everything we produce with love here in the UAE

To customize your order please call us at 04-338 3565 or email to


Event Season is on.
Look and feel your best with our Little Black Dress Cleanse  

Order NOW and get 2 days for FREE  

with every JUICE DELIGHT and SUPER GREEN DELIGHT 5 days Cleanse. Pay for 5 and receive 7 days of delicious liquid detox to look and feel your best.

Simply enter Promo Code 7FOR5 when you order your 5 day liquid cleanse to secure your 2 EXTRA DAYS.

OCTOBER 2016: Biggest giveaway ever for all liquid cleanses


Since our coffee addicts got something special some weeks ago today all TEA LOVERS can enjoy some free goodies. As all of you know that you should drink lots of water and/or herbal tea during your cleanse we are not only making your life not a lot easier but also more delicious and stylish with the below gifts!

SUPER GREEN DELIGHT 5 Day (and up) Cleanses
receive a



Aromatherapy for drinking

This lemony-fresh herbal tea has been specifically designed to accompany the Detox Delight Cleanses and also the ideal drink for those, who are looking for an aromatic, but calorie-free everyday drink. Carefully composed of organic ingredients, with lemongrass, mint, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, stinging nettle, marigold and cornflower blossoms for a true taste experience.

80 g Box organic herbal tea mixture

plus a
You can choose between a 400 ml Double Walled TOUR Flask or 300 ml RUSH Bamboo Flask

1 x Fressko TOUR 400ml Flask OR 1 x Fressko RUSH 300 ml Bamboo flask
1 x Fressko 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter
1 x Welcome Note

Simply enter Promo Code TEALOVER and let us know which Fressko flask you would like and those amazing goodies will be delivered to your house together with your Liquid Cleanse. 
Call us at -4-338 3565 or email to if you have any questions and as always we are more than happy to assist you!

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New in Town: Healthy Coffee Cool-down 

Detox Delight's COLD-BREW BOX

More than just cold coffee 
Cold-brewed coffee is the latest trend of all health conscious coffee junkies because it allows you to enjoy your coffee without remorse: The extra long (up to 48 hours) and gentle preparation method makes this cold coffee particularly aromatic. With significantly fewer bitter substances - and up to 80 percent less acid compared to conventional coffee - the cold-brew version is not only very mild and digestible, but also has less negative impact on our acid-base balance. 

Healthy beauty Kick 
We all know the phrase "drink cold coffee and you never look old". What many do not know: Coffee can benefit our health thoroughly if consumed in moderation. It has a lot of antioxidants that help our body fight against harmful free radicals and not only keep our skin rejuvenated for as long as possible, but can also protect us against diseases such as cancer. 

Metabolic Turbo Charger
The caffeine contained also boosts our metabolism: coffee can raise our metabolic rate by up to 100 calories per day. This is due to the increased heat production of the body. Simultaneously lipolysis is stimulated, splits fat into its individual components and makes it available for the energy supply of the body. 


3 x 500 ml pure cold brewed coffee
3 x 500 ml vanilla-cashew latte

(we make everything happen so if you like a different split of the two cold-brews just let us know:))
PRICE: 250 AED with free delivery in Dubai

PURE cold brewed coffee
coffee beans (single origin colombian arabica), filtered water

coffee beans (single origin Colombian arabica), filtered water,
cashews, vanilla, himalayan salt 

✔ healthy energy drink


At the moment only available via email orders and soon also in the online shop!


SEPTEMBER 2016: FREE Beauty Shot Collection

END OF SUMMER CLEANSE: Now with a complimentary Beauty Shot Collection 

Beach holiday, city break or staycation: No matter how your summer went... - for all those who want to get their body back into shape after an exciting and full on summer. We can offer THE perfect solution:

3 days

Go Liquid, Get Lean

We admit : We too have enjoyed intense summer with all its culinary highlights . We do not assume any of bacon rolls with in the autumn , we start this week with JUICE DELIGHT for End of Summer Cleanse . Join !We admit: We too have enjoyed an intense summer with all its culinary highlights. To make sure we dont carry our extra kilos into autumn, this week we are starting with JUICE DELIGHT to our End if Summer Cleanse. Join us! 

With 3 consistent cleanse days you don't only support your metabolism and fight water retention and small fat deposits, but are flooding your body daily with a lot of valuable vitamins, antioxidants and vegetable enzymes from up to 15 kilos of the best fruits and vegetables .

Free Superfood Shots
To intensify your cleanse effect, we are adding our limited Beauty Shot Collection for all orders in September for free. We have combined the most effective Beauty Superfoods to 6 delicious cleanse boosters. Simply enter Promo Code ENDOFSUMMER and the small Superfood helpers will be delivered to your house together with your Cleanse. 

✔ Ideal for Beginners
✔ Lots of different flavors
✔ quick cleanse results




AUGUST 2016: 5 day cleanses starting from 1495 AED

Get Lean with Super Green
Our Summer Offer continues

It can't get any greener!
Do it like Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley &Co. Book your SUMMER CLEANSE now and feel as good as never before!

Our Super Green Delight takes cleansing to the next level and it's ideal for those who are crazy about green leafy veggies and superfoods and are looking for quick and intense results.

For a short time only: Book our 5 day cleanse for only 1495 AED with delivery in Dubai and 1695 AED for all other Emirates!

This August all cleanses from 3 days and up also enjoy a FREE COOLING bag to make sure your Detox Delight products stay perfectly cooled during summer.  


Place your order in our online shop or call us at 04-338 3565



No matter if you are looking for an occasional healthy snack or a full healthy meal - DETOX DELIGHT is a simple and enjoyable way to a healthier, more balanced diet. Cold-pressed juices, vegan soups or crispy raw food meals and snacks - everything you taste is pure and simple nature at its best. We are happy to announce that all our goodies are now stocked at Kitchen Nation in JLT, Cluster Y, Lake Shore Building, Shop 6 x

JULY SPECIAL: Detox for less this summer

Get ready for the holiday season and detox for less!

ALL 5 DAY CLEANSES ONLY 1495 AED with delivery in Dubai and 1695 AED with delivery to all other Emirates :)

Book now to reserve your space! Happy Detoxing

*this offer is not valid with any other offers or discount codes and not for Active Delight


Want to try something new this summer? Then our ICE POPS are the perfect fit! Healthy, vegan, handmade with love and all below 30 calories!! 


Available in three different flavors:

FROZEN SALAD "Get Vitamin-iced" (15 AED)

FROZEN HEARTBEET "License to chill" (15 AED)



Stop by our office in Gold & Diamond Park and be the first to get addicted.

MAY SPECIAL: 2 free detox days with our 7 for 5 offer

This month we are giving you 2 free detox days

Summer is almost here and for the whole month of May you can enjoy 2 free detox days with every 5 days purchased!! You pay for 5 and receive 7 delicious days of detox to get the most out of your cleanse. For next week we are almost fully booked so hurry to secure your space. You can book your detox online and mention "7for5" in the comment section to receive the 2 free days. Please feel free to call us at 04-338 3565 and we are more than happy to answer all your questions and help you customize your cleanse.


We are happy to announce a new partnership in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are addicted and so will you after trying it! Point Zero Floatation Center, established in May 2004, is a HAAD registered center for relaxation, recuperation and rehabilitation. We provide traditional and modern methods for the support of your individual lifestyle within a spa style ambiance of peace and calm. Our three mediums of Floatation Therapy, Ayurveda and Body Works intertwine with the other looking at the body as a whole. By default, these methods give awareness in how best to look after your greatest asset, your body. Contact them at

We say no to chemicals

Detox Delight Middle East has invested in the latest chemical free cleaning technology for you.
After our HACCP certification we went further and now also clean, disinfect and sanitize using the ROX Water Electrolyzing System.

Leading hotels, restaurants or even royal families in the region inspired us to take this step. 
Zuma restaurant in Dubai is using the technology and you can read more about it here.

Now our fresh vegetables and fruits maintain highest quality and taste throughout the entire production and never need to be in contact with any chemicals. 

Just try it!! You will taste the difference.

We are fully HACCP certified

We are happy to share with you that the whole Detox Delight Middle East Team is fully HACCP certified. The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification accredits the highest standards in hygiene, processes and staff training to make sure that only the best quality product reaches your doorstep.

On top of that sourcing fresh vegetables and fruits locally allows us to maintain highest quality and taste in our products. Our partner Greenheart Organic Farms specializes in locally grown vegetables and we source all our veggie ingredients from them.
We are the only detox service that customizes treatments based on your taste and desires.

Just try it!! You will simply taste the difference.

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