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Experts about Detox.

The following statements depend on individual results and are different for each person (depending on their weight and metabolism).

Dr. Ilona Bürgel, Nutritional Psychologist,

"In my role as a psychologist I have over many years given advice to people who want to change their bodies. I test every program I recommend to others on myself first, as I did with Detox Delight 100% Juice. As GLYX supporter it was a challenge for me to get used to the high content of fructose in the fruit juices. The advantage here is however that due to the large quantities of fluids the stomach is busy and therefore calm. But above all the soul gets its share of gentle care and love. The many colors and the variety is a pleasure for all the senses. The feeling is „I am buying something worthwhile for me“ and the care that goes into the preparation and packaging of the drinks are the icing on the cake. In this way, days which in classic fasting are regarded as abstinence and which can therefore be felt as unpleasant, become something which is relatively easy to do and a pleasurable experience with yourself. A protein drink in the evening stimulates the production of hormones to burn fat. Ginger and chillies inhibit the typical feeling of feeling cold. All in all Detox Delight is an experience which invokes a new lust for life. Before embarking on such a program and to ensure long-term success, I would recommend considering the following: set yourself a definite goal - in what time-frame do you want to achieve it? Decide on your strategy based on that. How often and for how long do you want to detox, which exercises and relaxation, what to eat or drink afterwards? Motivate yourself with the question: What is it all for? Armed with all this information, your commitment will be worth so much more. The only investment with guaranteed profit is the investment in yourself. I wish you success and joy in your endeavour."*

(*Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.)

Dr. Nish Joshi, author of „The Holistic Detox Diet“ and „Total Health – For Life“

Osteopath with his own clinic in London and author of „The Holistic Detox Diet“ and „Total Health – For Life“

Midi Fairgrieve, Founder and Owner of Detox International (qualified nutritionist)

"It is not always easy to eat a balanced diet and to remain healthy, especially now a days. Regular detox programs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to rid yourself of many health problems and to help your body to heal itself, as nature intended. The meals and juices in the Detox Delight programs are rich in essential nutrients and enzymes. They not only cleans at cell level, but also strengthen your immune system and revitalize the mind."*

(*Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.)

Dr. Christian Matthai, author of „Detox your Life“

"Detox is no radical fasting, but rather a special kind of diet. Acidifying food is replaced by healthy and energetic food high in nutrients. And this cleanses the body."

Dr. Otto Buchinger I, 1876-1966, fasting therapist and inventor of the famous Buchinger method.

"A juice cleanse is certainly one of the most effective biological treatments (...) It's like "operating without cutting" (...) The cleanse process includes the drainage, reinstatement and realignment of our system as well as an inner purification and relaxation (...) and results in an improvement of the physical health."



Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., author of "Radical Healing"

Founder of the holistic medical clinics in Chicago, New York, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Minneapolis and author of "Radical Healing: Integrating The World's Great Therapeutic Traditions To Create A New Transformative Medicine". 



Herbert M. Shelton (DC, ND) in “The Science and Fine Art of Fasting”

"Fasting must be recognized as a fundamental and radical process that is older than any other mode of caring for the sick organism, for it is employed on the plane of instinct and has been employed since life was first introduced upon the earth. Fasting is nature's own method of ridding the body of 'diseased tissues,' excess nutriment and accumulations of waste and toxins. Nothing else will increase elimination through every channel of excretion as will fasting."

Dr. Alejandro Junger, Autor von “CLEAN"

Watch his video where he gives you good reasons for a detox cleanse.