Detox Delight - plate


Our cleanse products are always fresh and never preserved or pasteurized. They should therefore be refrigerated immediately after delivery. The date on the back of the bottle or jar indicates when the individual products should be used by. If you know you will be on the go with your DETOX DELIGHT products for longer than two hours, we recommend placing them in a small cooler bag. In order to keep them as fresh as possible and to preserve the high vitamin and nutrition factor, keep our dishes and juices refrigerated at all times (2°C - max. 8°C) and away from light.


Our premium juices are unprocessed, unpasteurized and 100% natural. Freshly cold-pressed, they have a shelf life of at most six days after leaving our production site. They should therefore be consumed within five days after delivery. The expiration date is printed on the back of the bottle.


Our vegan Soups have a shelf life of up to seven days.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Our vegan Clean Eating &  Raw Food Meals have a shelf life of up to two - three  days after delivery.


Our glutenfree raw food snacks have a shelf life of up to two months.