Detox Delight - Lips and juices


Shake it!

Before opening our juice bottles, please shake well until the contents are homogeneous in consistency and color. If freshly pressed juices are left standing untouched in the refrigerator for some time, layers or sediment will form. This may not be pretty to look at, but it is a sign of true quality. This layering or sedimentation occurs only in fresh juices that contain no emulsifying agents – watch for it!

How to dispose all the bottles and other packaging?

Thanks to our practical packaging concept, you can stay flexible and well-provided even when you are not at home or traveling. Protecting the environment is very important to us and we only use packages, which do not affect the quality and taste of our products. Please dispose your bottles in a recycling container for plastics or re-use them in your private household. They can be closed airtight and will be suitable for many other applications.