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What is a typical cleanse day like?

During a juice cleanse, you will consume 6 x 500 ml of fruit and vegetable juice throughout the day. The day starts off our alkaline lemonade. Throughout the day, you will then drink four juices approximately every two hours. Each juice contains at least 40% vegetables. A balanced mix of vegetables and fruit is especially important for keeping the blood sugar level constant, a prerequisite for a smoothly functioning lipometabolism.

The grand finale of the day is a vegan nut or almond milk in the evening, which delivers an extra helping of plant-based protein. In cleanses featuring soup(s) and vegan dinner meals, one or two of the juices and the nut milk are replaced with a soup or meal (see product description).

I have an allergy/intolerance – can I have certain ingredients left out of my cleanse?

If you have intolerances, we will do everything we can to replace juices containing the ingredient in question with other juices from our daily menu or customize a cleanse just for you.

All ingredients are listed on the bottle labels. Because our juices and nut milks are all made in the same production location, they may contain traces of nuts (in particular cashews and almonds). 

If you have intolerances, please contact us directly and we will our best to customize your cleanse.

Please understand that our hands are tied in the case of serious allergies. This risk is too great, as human error can lead to a worst-case scenario. A little mix-up or distraction is all it takes.

How much weight will I lose during a cleanse?

How much weight you lose depends on your age, gender, starting weight and metabolic activity, as well as your previous dietary habits. Read our clients personal reports on their experiences or give us a call. Basically weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

Can a juice cleanse lead to symptoms of nutritional deficit?

No. A bottle of DETOX DELIGHT JUICE contains the very best nutrients from up to three kilos of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables. That is nearly 15 kilos of fruit and vegetables when drinking five bottles a day – more than we could possibly consume as raw fruit and vegetables, salads or other meals each day.

A serious cleanse based on cold-pressed juices should never be confused with the Master Detoxes or Master Cleanses that so many celebrities are currently heralding as the new miracle diet. These consist of days spent drinking nothing more than a mix of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. There is virtually no unhealthier way to lose weight with a total lack of nutrients.

Am I getting enough protein if all I consume are vegan juices and meals?

Protein is found not just in meat, fish and dairy products but also in fruit, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, seeds and legumes. As a matter of fact, our bodies are able to digest these valuable plant-based proteins much better because the amino acids they contain are less complex than those in animal protein.

Will I experience a yo-yo effect after the cleanse?

No, the much dreaded yo-yo effect occurs only when our body does not receive a sufficient supply of nutrients when losing weight and the metabolism, fearing a famine, shifts into low gear. 

Each DETOX DELIGHT juice contains the nutrients from up to three kilos of fruit and vegetables. Depending on the type of cleanse you choose, your body will receive between 800 and 1,200 calories from valuable plant-based nutrients. In other words, it is well-supplied with all of the essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes it needs and is able to jump-start your metabolism. The yo-yo effect is kept at bay. However, you must naturally continue eating healthy food and practicing moderation after your cleanse as well. Please note, that weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.

When should I not attempt a cleanse?

A cleanse is not recommended …
•    During pregnancy and nursing
•    For those diagnosed with MCAD metabolic disorder
•    For those with eating disorders
•    While taking antibiotics (wait to start your cleanse until after completing the course of medication!)

If you have any of the following indications, talk to your doctor before starting a cleanse:
•    Type-1 diabetes 
•    Irregular blood sugar levels 
•    Heart, lung, liver or kidney disorders 
•    Other serious diseases such as cancer or immune deficiency disease

Young people who are still in the growth phase or under 16 years of age may try a cleanse (for example as part of a dietary change) in consultation with a doctor. Minors require approval from a parent before ordering a several-day cleanse from DETOX DELIGHT.