Let your dream body come true - with our Total Body Reset!


Achieving your dream weight is by no means as difficult as you think. With our Total Body Reset program, you can start getting the body you have always dreamed of in just 20 days. 

For 3 weeks, we ensure that you are feel light, healthy and super nutritious, but without feeling hungry ... - without the hassle of calorie counting , shopping, finding recipes and preparing. Because we deliver everything fresh & ready to eat to your home or office.


That's how it works:

Vitamin-rich cold-pressed juices, vegan soups, refined clean-eating dishes and additional boosters ensure the exactly correct nutrient balance your body needs in order to activate the metabolism sustainably to balance the acid-base balance. This brings the fat burning on really high hikes ... - for a sleek, tighter silhouette and a desired weight that remains without a yo-yo effect !

In the end, you will be rewarded not only with 5 to 7 kilos less, but with a glowing, clear skin, lots of new energy and great radiance .

Highly motivated, you will not find it difficult to eat healthy, because in the 20 days you have reprogrammed your taste buds, passed on hunger and even come to the point where you enjoy a healthy diet, which you will be able to prepare yourself when following our recipes and clean eating tips.



Total Body Reset Special: prices start from 4600 AED

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Total Body Reset Contains

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Detox Phase

5 days Juice Delight

3 days Super Green Delight

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Build-Up Phase

7 days Juice & Soup Delight

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Stabilization Phase

5 days Eat Clean Delight

Additional Metabolism Booster Package available in our Online Shop

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Metabolism-Boosting Beauty Package

1 Tea Delight Detox-Tea (80gr)

1 Detox Delight Ginger Essence (500ml)

1 Beauty Shot Collection (60ml x 6)