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Your healthy week in a box!

Are you craving a healthy, fresh green juice or a delicious vegan soup? But there isn’t a juice bar in sight and making your own juice is simply not an option at the moment? You don’t have the time to go through a complete cleanse right now, but would still like a taste of the healthy, sexy detox lifestyle? No problem!

We know that it isn’t always easy to cleanse for several days at a time with our stressful everyday lives filled with jobs, children, business trips and dinner invitations. But sometimes you just feel like replacing a meal or two with a cold-pressed juice – without signing up for a multi-day detox program. We understand: Our JUICEBOXES and SOUPBOXES have been designed for precisely that purpose. They are easy to use and quickly help you compensate for any culinary indulgences.

Perfect for anyone who wants to start off their day light and easy, yet still wants to offer their body the valuable nutrients from up to six kilos of green leafy vegetables before lunch.

On the STAY LIQUID TILL LUNCH plan, you eat no solid food until noon for three days, drinking two cold-pressed green juices each morning instead – one Green Juice and one Super Green Juice. This gives you a light yet nutrient-packed start to the day, without placing a burden on your digestive system. Perfect for the morning after a big meal, for those who don’t really like breakfast anyhow or for those who cannot complete a HealthyDays or several-day cleanse.