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You look pHabulous!

You look pHabulous!

And we want to help you stay that way. It’s easy with our DETOX DELIGHT HealthyDays. Forget about counting calories, weighing portions, the Paleo diet or extreme low-carb diets. Everything is allowed in moderation, as long as you ensure a healthy balance on a regular basis.

Our HealthyDay program gives you the flexibility to book individual days of your favorite cleanse with us whenever they fit into your schedule.

Plan your HealthyDays whenever you feel
•    That you have been paying too little attention to your health.
•    You need a break from too much convenience food.
•    You want to regain that good, healthy feeling that comes with a successful cleanse.

On your HealthyDays, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We supply you with your DETOX DELIGHT juices, soups and/or vegan meals made from healthy fresh fruit and vegetables.

Skinny Cleanse: slimming down with the 5:2 principle

You want to lose weight permanently and are planning on changing your dietary habits step by step? Try the 5:2 principle. This trend – also known as interval fasting – is based on a very simple rule: eating normally five days a week and consuming less than 600 calories two days a week. Sounds simple, right? It is, and most importantly it is highly effective as well! The 5:2 principle was developed by the British doctor and TV journalist Michael Mosley. In his book, The Fast Diet, he reports on patients who have successfully lost weight by following this method. In three months Mosley himself lost eight kilos. Besides weight loss, Mosley found that interval fasting offers other benefits as well. 

We help you reach your health goals with Mosley’s Fast Diet! Hold two SUPER GREEN DELIGHT HealthyDays per week for a three-month period. If you drink nothing but our cold-pressed Green Juices two days a week, you will automatically stay under 600 kcal per day. In keeping with the tried-and-proven 5:2 rule, you can then eat whatever you want on the other five days and will still benefit from the changes in your body. The 5:2 principle only works, however, if you don’t eat twice as much as normal on the other days.