SnackAttack - Snack Delight

Snack attack - delicious and guilt free

You can snack raw, vegan and gluten-free with DETOX DELIGHT. SNACK DELIGHT – crispy Kale Chips, Apple Cinnamon Cracker, Coco Choco Crisps, Pure Veggie Chips, Spicy Cracker, nutty Crunchy Granola and other delicious, healthy munchies made from entirely plant-based organic ingredients. Produced gently in the dehydrator, without baking or frying, at low temperatures (below 42 °C), they contain living plant enzymes and valuable vitamins, without artificial flavor enhancers or added sugar and far fewer carbohydrates than conventional snacks. This makes them the perfect, low-calorie alternative to potato chips, cookies, etc.

We recommend our snacks to anyone who feels like they need something to sink their teeth into during a cleanse. But in moderation, please: no more than 20 grams per day.