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Want to go lean? Go raw & green!

(Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.)

Cleansing means eating only fresh, untreated fruit and vegetables for several days in a row. A cleanse can be either completely liquid – with numerous cold-pressed juices and/or soups a day – or a combination of juices with fresh, crispy raw food and delicious vegan meals.

A cleanse is the ideal starting point for a plant-based, nutrient-packed diet. Our hectic everyday lives often make it difficult to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy while at work or at home managing a family can rapidly become a major challenge: Cafeterias, fast food restaurants and delivery services usually have far too few fresh, balanced meals on their menus. Their foods are typically low in nutrients but high in calories, over-seasoned and difficult to digest. In order to function as they should, our bodies need just the opposite: light foods made from fresh, plant-based ingredients with few carbohydrates and little fat. But who has the time to buy fresh food each morning and prepare healthy meals several times a day?

A DETOX DELIGHT cleanse with 100% plant-based juices and meals is the perfect support for you. The carefully coordinated fresh, natural ingredients supply the body with maximum energy during the entire cleanse.

The choice is yours: Are you ready to reset?

Each one of us is different. When it comes to food in particular, each one of us has individual preferences that we don’t want to give up. This is why DETOX DELIGHT has developed many different types of cleanses. No matter whether 100% liquid detox with just fruit and vegetable juices, or as a combination of juices and delicious vegan dinners and/or hearty soups: We have the perfect cleanse for every dietary preference.

Inspired by the latest nutritional trends in the health metropolises of L.A., NYC and Miami, our renowned raw food chefs and health experts concoct new, sophisticated meals and delicious juice creations each season. There is good reason we have been the inimitable original since 2009.

Our focus is a pleasurable experience. DETOX DELIGHT does not mean doing without. Instead, it represents a healthy, balanced diet that is fun to follow and helps you supply your body with all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that it needs – so that you can feel and look your best.*

(*Disclaimer - Weight loss and results are different for each person depending on their weight and metabolism.)