Detox Delight - The big five


A healthy diet begins with the quality of the ingredients used. We use only untreated fruit and vegetables that are perfectly fresh and have reached just the right degree of ripeness, that have been sustainably grown without any unnecessary pollutants by local producers whom we trust. To the greatest extent possible, we rely on seasonal produce. Naturally we also incorporate healthy exotic produce such as avocados, coconuts, cashews, etc. as well as many of the well-known superfoods not grow locally like maca, microalgae, goji and acai berries. All of the food we import is top organic grade.


We never compromise on our products. All DETOX DELIGHT juices, soups, meals and snacks are 100% natural. They contain no artificial dyes or preservatives, no flavor enhancers and of course no added sugar or other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame either. What you taste is 100% pure nature!

Our products are made fresh each day at our site in Dubai, lovingly prepared by hand from natural, all plant-based ingredients. DETOX DELIGHT products are NEVER pasteurized or preserved. For this reason, the majority of them have a maximum shelf life of five days.


Many people are sensitive to gluten, the binder protein in wheat, and other types of grains. Signs of gluten sensitivity include feeling tired and sluggish after eating products with gluten in them, as well as stomachaches, gas, diarrhea and constipation. It is also thought that gluten may slow down the metabolism even in people who can tolerate it, which is why we here at DETOX DELIGHT use all gluten-free ingredients.


We lovingly prepare everything we make by hand from 100% plant-based ingredients. Our juices, soups, meals and snacks contain nothing derived from animals – not even fish oil. They are nonetheless rich in protein, but only the plant-based kind. Taking a healthy break with DETOX DELIGHT does not mean that you have to go permanently vegan. But going without animal protein for a few days or weeks will do your body good because vegetable protein is much easier to digest.


DETOX DELIGHT juices are cold-pressed. This means they are produced especially gently with hydraulic presses. Why is that so important? The keyword here is “oxidation.” Vitamins are sensitive to light, and in particular to oxygen. Hydraulic juicers press fruit and vegetables under high pressure, extracting the maximum possible amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and valuable vegetable enzymes from the plant fibers. Centrifugal juicing, which you are doubtless already familiar with from home juicers or juice stands, works very differently. Those machines use a rapidly rotating friction disc. Fruits and vegetables are finely grated and then forcefully slung into a sieve, where they are pressed by centrifugal force. The rotation process creates a strong stream of air, however, and releases oxygen, accelerating oxidation of the juice and resulting in more rapid decomposition of important substances and vitamins. “Cold-pressed” is therefore a key quality characteristic of fresh juice.