Detox Delight - Green Delight Juice, Snack and Veggies

On a healthy lifestyle mission

Being healthy, slim and full of energy is easy: All we have to do is exercise regularly and be careful to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. We need only to supply our bodies with an ample helping of vitamins, minerals and enzymes by choosing high-quality, plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables, sprouts and nuts – ideally organically grown and containing no artificial additives. That is the theory, at least!

In our hectic everyday lives, however, it is not always so easy to avoid fast food, convenience items, prepackaged industrially processed foods or the sugary and fatty baked goods so readily available wherever we go. What’s more, we are often accustomed to grabbing a chocolate bar or a handful of candy instead of munching on an apple or a carrot between meals. Stress and deadlines make it difficult to develop a healthy lifestyle routine. Be honest – how many times last week did you prepare a healthy meal with fresh vegetables?

Yet that is exactly what our body needs to function optimally and be filled with energy. An organism must receive an adequate supply of valuable nutrients in order to have the ideal resources for perfectly active metabolic processes.


With a little help from your friends

We want you to feel beautiful, vital and full of energy – and we can help you reach this goal. Our cold-pressed juices, vegan soups and raw food meals are there with you each step of the way on your healthy lifestyle mission. Become the best possible version of yourself: healthier, more energetic and with a body that looks and feels good.


Pure Delight

DETOX DELIGHT revolves around consuming completely unprocessed, plant-based raw foods in a form as natural and as close to their original state as possible.

The more a food is industrially manipulated – for instance through artificial additives, heating or pasteurization – the less valuable it become for our bodies. Building blocks crucial to our survival, such as vitamins, minerals and living enzymes, are destroyed during processing and the concentration of nutrients decreases. We know what it feels like to have consumed “empty” calories: Our tummies are full and bloated, but our bodies still demand more – more nutrients.


Convenient healthfood for you

DETOX DELIGHT offers you a whole different type of convenience food. True to our motto “Well-being delivered,” we help you get through the day, the week and the year in healthy style with our cold-pressed juices, vegan soups and raw food meals.

No matter if you are starting a several-day cleanse with us as the first step on your way to a healthier diet or if you want to replace individual meals with juices from our JUICEBOXES: We help you become more aware of healthy dietary choices, break free from old habits and build your own personal healthy lifestyle – as a means of becoming fitter, more active and more energetic.

DETOX DELIGHT smooths your way to a healthy diet – simple, convenient and made from the very best ingredients. Lovingly prepared fresh each day by hand.